The Blingling bro's

The Blingling Bros are...

Paul "Showtime" Klaassen, and Mark "The Catching Machine" Williams.

Paul and Mark met in 1998 at a juggling shop in Auckland New Zealand, and have been juggling and performing together ever since. In 2007 they created their new act, The Blingling Bros.

Mixing juggling, comedy, interaction, and live music to create their trademark style of vaudevillian funk, The Bros put on energetic, impressive live shows, that appeal to young and old alike. Known for always establishing a great connection with the audience, The Bros are dedicated to delivering quality circus entertainment with a fresh modern approach.

Extensive touring in 2012 and 2013 culminated in The Bro's winning The Supreme Overall Award at The New Zealand Circus Awards 2013! Not to mention they're nice guys too...