I am a Loner and I Need Help

Getting so many friends is a daunting task for me. I am not that type of person that is very friendly. I remember when I was in grade school, I always want to play alone and be alone. I usually cry when some other kids come close and play with me. Yeah, I am a loner type person. I prefer to be alone and function well when I am alone. It may sound crazy but, I feel that I can do things on myself.

When I was already in high school, when there is a group work or a partner work that is being assigned to us by our teacher, it is very nerve racking to me. I do not know why I behave this way and I myself cannot understand why I am built this way.

I reach out to my mother and ask for help. She asks me to undergo counseling sessions. Well it was new to me, but I gave in. I am nervous of what will be the result will be or how will I react to the questions or the therapy itself.

My mother research online on the nearest and the best counseling center in our place Tulsa Oklahoma. We are so lucky that we found Meister Counseling founded by Michael Meister. We got a schedule for a preliminary interview. Michael was a great counselor he understood the problem and help me a lot to overcome my problem. He gave me exercises that help me overcome my being a loner. He explained to me that it is alright to connect to people and talk to them.  

With time and the guidance of my great counselor, I slowly opened myself and connect to other people. I am surprised with and proud of myself it has been 5 months now. I have friends of my own that I can talk to and submit my problems. I am thankful that I have submit myself for counseling. It really helped me a lot with my problems.

Why Vaping?

You might wonder why vaping. You see I can’t see anything that can be a healthy alternative to smoking than vaping according to Vape Friend. I have a friend that has been a smoker all his life, I knew all of this because I am his best friend. We have been together since toddlers. Our moms are friends too, basically we are brothers.

We are young boys living our lives and doing some mischiefs along the way. One day when we were together with the group. One of the boys brought a pack of cigarette and a lighter. I don’t know what came in our minds perhaps out of curiosity. My best friend grabs the pack open it and got one stick of cigarette.  He grabs also the lighter and light up the stick. He did not hesitate and puff it, he coughed so hard cause it was his first time then he gave it to me and then I gave it a small puff.

We both liked it and from that moment on we entered in the world smoking. Comparing the two of us my best friend was the volume smoker than I was. From the moment it started, my best friend did not stop from adding to his total quota. From that moment on it grown into a full addiction for him. And for me it did not, I smoke but casually, but I can go a day without smoking or even days.

But it’s the complete opposite for my friend he can smoke one pack per day which is bad. So, I knew that I need to recommend my friend an alternative and that is why I told him to vape. Vaping is great and it seems a healthier alternative to smoking. But he said he will think of it.

I know I can’t force him to vape but I am hoping someday he will.